TikTok Launches New Cybersecurity Initiative, Highlighting Tips and Tools to Help Keep People Safe Online

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TikTok Launches New Cybersecurity Initiative, Highlighting Tips and Tools to Help Keep People Safe Online


TikTok has increased its efforts to encourage cybersecurity vocations across underrepresented populations and launched a new cyber safety awareness campaign to assist children understand the risks of online engagement as kids get ready for the start of the school year.

To start, TikTok has joined with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) to create a new interactive Cybersecurity Toolkit for Individuals as part of its new cybersecurity drive.

Links to a variety of applications and educational materials on important cybersecurity issues are included in the toolkit, which may be a wonderful way to motivate individuals to be more proactive in keeping an eye out for possible dangers.

The GCA has highlighted certain crucial security tools that might support your process, and the applications in particular could be useful.

A brand-new one-page summary on how people might enhance their internet security procedure has already been released by TikTok.

As a continuation of this, TikTok is working to increase awareness of cybersecurity careers, specifically the need for a more diverse workforce in the sector.

As explained by TikTok:

“We believe it’s important to help bring representation into the cybersecurity industry through programs designed to diversify, educate, and empower. With over 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs unfilled across the fast-growing cybersecurity sector, TikTok is championing a new #SeeYourselfinCyber initiative from the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA).”

In order to increase representation and resonance across all user groups, the initiative strives to link more members of underrepresented populations with careers in cybersecurity.

In an effort to forge closer relations with the cybersecurity industry, TikTok last year became a founding sponsor of the US Cyber Games. As part of what appears to be a larger attempt to better establish ties with US security officials and allay worries over its data collection practices, TikTok also supports other cybersecurity career pushes and projects.

Indeed, despite continuous claims that the Chinese government is manipulating its systems, TikTok has also promised to make more of its algorithms and moderation procedures accessible to the public. Although TikTok has consistently declared that this is not the case, unanswered questions still exist and are likely to do so as long as the CCP maintains its conflict with other regional authorities.

That might be a method to soften this feature while also assisting in the promotion of cybersecurity employment and encouraging broader involvement.

Source: Socialmediatoday

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