TikTok Shares New Insights into How Gaming Marketers Can Connect with Audiences in the App

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TikTok Shares New Insights into How Gaming Marketers Can Connect with Audiences in the App


In order to increase the reach of their messaging among the app’s constantly growing audience, TikTok has released a comprehensive breakdown of the important gaming content trends and behaviors in the app.

As explained by TikTok:

“Gamers from around the world flock to TikTok to create and enjoy gaming content. In fact, more than half of TikTok users watch gaming-related short video content daily. The immersive, full-screen, sound-on short video format lends itself perfectly to sharing gameplay clips, walkthroughs and tutorials, cosplay and other forms of game fandom.”

More than half of app activity is linked to gaming, which is a significant amount. TikTok adds to this by stating that, on average, individuals in its gaming audience follow 12 business accounts.
TikTok suggests that companies aim to develop a natural identity for their company that connects to these trends while also reflecting their own features and beliefs in order to capitalize on this.
“Think about the elements of your game that align authentically with TikTok’s culture, and then build upon some of those key components to establish a brand personality that stays consistent across your TikTok content.”

According to TikTok, marketers can think about their TikTok content strategy from this angle and incorporate in-game footage, corporate assets, and more by reformatting them into TikTok trends.
“TikTok is all about shared inspiration. Take a look at the For You page, see what’s working from other videos, and think how you could apply elements to your own content. You can also use the Trend Intelligence tools in our Creative Center to find trending hashtags, creators, sounds, and more. Consider mixing different types of elements: play with sounds, effects, text overlays and tools to fine-tune your storytelling.”

Additionally, according to TikTok, short-form video might be a good vehicle for both advertisements for in-game components and behind-the-scenes information.
The creation of a long-term plan of attack that incorporates all the many components of a complete strategy is another requirment.These are some insightful observations that generally transcend the confines of the game industry, so it’s important to think about how they fit into your TikTok strategy and how you might capitalize on similar gaming-related trends.

Modern pop culture is undoubtedly driven mostly by gaming, with the bulk of the most well-known internet personalities now having at least a passing connection to the gaming industry.ement for game producers.
With the epidemic making gaming platforms an even more social, connecting area in recent years, this has been further established, and the expanded, improved use of in-game locations is truly what is driving the expanding metaverse drive.


Source: Socialmediatoday

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