YouTube Adds New Prompts for Shorts Content, New Insights into Channel Recommendations

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YouTube Adds New Prompts for Shorts Content, New Insights into Channel Recommendations

With a new comment sticker for Shorts videos, YouTube is giving users another method to answer to viewer inquiries. At the same time, the company is attempting to provide channel administrators more information about the reasons why their videos are suggested or not by using YouTube’s algorithms.To start, let’s talk about the new comment sticker. YouTube is experimenting with a new feature that will let artists utilize video comments as a more direct trigger for their next Shorts pieces.

As explained by YouTube:

“Beginning in the next two weeks, we’ll run a small experiment for creators on iOS that gives creators the ability to reply to VOD and Shorts comments with a sticker in their Shorts video”

Which, in effect, will be comparable to the question sticker that users of TikTok and Reels may apply in order to base their video response on a comment.More prompts for Shorts clips will be made possible by that. Given that 1.5 billion YouTube users now watch Shorts content each month, many more creators will undoubtedly be looking for a way to get involved. These straightforward sticker prompts may be an excellent way to keep Shorts content coming.
By allowing for a more natural flow of information and response—again, something that has previously proved successful in other apps—it effectively lessens the creative effort.

Additionally, it may be useful for brand YouTube channels; we’ll keep you informed of any developments.
Additionally, YouTube is growing the links to Google Maps on videos that refer to specific locations.
The Maps option, which was first introduced in December of last year, provides a map display within the video description, which can assist give viewers more local information.
These map connections were once only available for mentions of cafés and restaurants, but YouTube is now broadening these links to encompass travel, leisure, and commercial content.

Additionally, YouTube is now testing a new feature that will provide video producers additional information about how YouTube’s algorithms are recommending their work (or not).
“A small number of creators [will see] a data story in YouTube analytics explaining the audience signals that affect recommendations based on the creator’s individual content, and with context about the creators individual performance and benchmarks.”As you can see, some users will now notice a popup that reads, “See how YouTube suggests content” in their Studio Analytics summary. Tapping on this prompt will provide users more information about how their particular video uploads are doing on important recommendation measures.
That could be a useful tool to help you organize your content because it will provide you more information about what you’re doing correctly and wrong with these components.

Last but not least, YouTube is expanding the capability to manage your channel while on the move by enabling editing of a channel name, banner, avatar, and description in YouTube Studio on mobile.
The new Shorts sticker and Map display links may be of the most value to businesses out of these exciting upgrades, which will have varied levels of value.

Source: Socialmediatoday

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